A fascinator is a work of art and is highly in fashion. Fascinators are great for any fancy event and will make you certainly stand out.  Queen Antoinette was one of the first people to make these fashion hats a trend, the fashion hats business started out as a luxury only for upper class, affluent ladies. Even today many upper class events will have a dress code where fascinators are a compulsory accessory, such as the royal wedding and horse racing events.

A fascinator will make you feel like a bride, like a princess, the true essence of the finishing touch. It is beautiful, glamorous and elegant and extremely sophisticated and fabulous! Many celebrities such as Meghan Markle have adopted the trend.  Wearing a fascinator is a status symbol and will attract only the best of attention. There is so much beauty and thought put into each unique fascinator to compliment a completed outfit. Thanks to our very well female dressed British Royal’s that the world is constantly enchanted and engrossed to the trend, it is growing fast and the time to invest into a fascinator is now.

Article written by: Dina Khrapko