Want to know how to wear a fascinator, what is a fascinator, or have some questions about shipping of your favorite product?

We have prepared some most frequently asked questions and answers below. If you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us.

Question What is a fascinator
AnswerA fascinator is a small headpiece that is generally worn on the right side of the head.

A fascinator is not a hat and differs from one in that it is a decoration mounted on base like a comb, headband or clip, and attached to the head.

Question How is a fascinator worn?
AnswerA fascinator can be worn in many ways, but generally is affixed to the front or side of the head. It looks best when worn just above the eyebrow.

It can also be worn as a tiara or towards the back of the head if the hair is dressed in an updo or has a chignon or curled style.

A fascinator looks best when worn to the side or back of the head.

Question Styling a fascinator
AnswerKeep it in proportion to your head, body and hairstyle size. For example, if you have a big head or big hair, do not wear a dainty fascinator. You would look better with a larger style.

Keep your hairstyle simple so it does not distract from your fashion accessory. A simple ponytail, a slicked-back style or a slightly-curled free-falling style work best.

Keep it stylish and classy.

Question Wondering were to wear a fascinator?
AnswerIt works as a stylish alternative to the usual hat and serves as a great conversation starter!

Wedding, Bridal parties, Bar-Mitzvah, Bat-Mitzvah, Cocktail Party, Art Opening, Garden or Tea Party

Question Do you offer international delivery?
AnswerWe post all items recorded delivery worldwide through international shipment companies, which carries an extra service charge.

We can, if needed, arrange a courier but this may incur an extra cost.

Question How can I pay?
AnswerWe currently accept payment through Credit Card, PayPal and via a cheque. Please allow 14 days if paying by cheque. A $30 deposit is requested once the order is placed and once you are happy and love your hat, the balance will be requested.
Question How far in advance do I need to order my bespoke creation?
AnswerEach bespoke order can take up to two weeks to create so please leave plenty of time to get your fascinator sorted. If you need your headpiece sooner we will do our best to accommodate!
Question Why should I rent instead of purchasing my fascinator / bridal accessories?
AnswerWe want to be your “something rent” and we want that “something rent” to be something fabulous and special for you! It is our mission to give you your dream fascinator and statement piece without an unrealistic price tag and an unnecessary lifetime possession you may only wear once! It should fulfil your desire for exclusivity and we believe in maximizing such a moment without an unnecessary cost. In order to compliment and maximize your entire look, we believe in the enhancements of an amazing accessory through an affordable and comfortable procedure.
Question How far in advance do I need to rent my accessory?
AnswerWe can accommodate a rental for you from two days’ notice.
Question What can I get if I refer a friend?
AnswerFor every friend that you refer that purchases or rents from Danielle Mazin you’ll receive 15% off your next order!
Question Do you do appointment service ?
AnswerWe are happy to organise an appointment face-to-face in the studio or through the telephone, emails, video calls so that you can communicate your ideas for your big day. If needed, we can provide you with a full experience without leaving the comfort of your own home!